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Last Updated 19 Nov 2001


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Chrono Cross Concepts

Iíve just uploaded three Chrono Cross concept artworks. They include Serge, Kid and Lynx. - Shinji | Nov 17 22:02

First Post Ever!

Welcome to I hope you enjoy your time here and even submit some of your own art! Since Iívejust opened the site, there isnít a lot here at the moment but bear with me and after Iíve scowered the web for only the highest quality concept art for your favourite game, they will be uploaded. You can also send me some if you feel like it. - Shinji | Nov 15 20:53

Summoner Concepts

Iíve just uploaded a load of Summoner concepts drawings. They include some excellently detailed drawings of some of the areas included in the game. See top of this page.- Shinji | Nov 19 19:41